Witten represents tech company in M&A with public company resulting in millions of ££ for shareholders.

Witten assists multiple clients to obtain US, UK and EU trademarks.

Witten continues representation of international company in prosecution of litigation against multiple counterfeiters and trade mark infringers in the hydroponics industry.

Witten assists King's College London economics professor with copyright issues related to professional publication.

Witten assists University of Cambridge engineering student with details of IP protection and development for new start-up.

Witten represents a famous wilderness search and recovery company to defeat a trademark infringement claim resulting in cancellation of a trademark.

Witten represents a US company seeking a UK trademark in an Opposition Proceeding vs a well-known cosmetics brand before the UK Intellectual Property Office.


Witten represents US company in the UK deposition of a very well-known UK company, including obtaining an Order for Examination from the Foreign Process Section of the Royal Courts of Justice pursuant to English law and the Hague Convention for Taking Evidence Abroad based on a Letter of Request from the Superior Court of the State of Delaware (also known as “Letters Rogatory”).

Witten defeats UK patent holder alleging infringement of a horticultural device.

Witten represents international company in prosecution of litigation against multiple counterfeiters and trade mark infringers in the hydroponics industry.

Witten successfully represents multiple Etsy and eBay Sellers in litigation against US trademark and copyright trolls.

Witten represents high-end fashion magazine defeating copyright troll.

Witten represents South Korean company in the space industry in negotiations for satellite bus services.


Witten wins corporate and individual clients’ lawsuit against allegations of workplace disability discrimination, racial discrimination, age discrimination, ancestry discrimination and sexual harassment under ADEA and similar statutes with demurrers and motions to strike. Clients never have to file an answer.

Witten wins corporate breach of contract case with demurrers and motions to strike. Client never has to file an answer. Plaintiff has to pay part of client’s attorneys’ fees and costs.

Witten asked to act as Trustee for a Silicon Valley tech company.

Witten is counsel for a US transplant to the UK assisting with corporate formation and acquisition of a UK business.

Witten overcomes USPTO and UKIPO oppositions to successfully obtain “Supermarine Spitfire Aircraft” trademark. Supported by heirs of the founder of the Supermarine Aviation Company Limited and Veterans Garage Ltd.

Witten blocks third parties, including a large multinational insurance company, from infringing and/or diluting a small UK company’s trade mark, with the insurance company paying a substantial part of client’s fees and costs. Overcoming obstacles for client to apply for a UK trade mark after it thought it was too late due to third parties’ use.

Witten successfully defends a client’s trade mark against a very large US blue jeans corporation.

Witten represents client in a third party subpoena for documents from a large US fast food corporation, getting the fast food corporation to pay for the document production and the services of a specialist electronic document company to undertake the laboring oar in the production, limiting client’s costs, human resources and liability.

Witten provides TM advice to client in the cannabis industry.


Witten successfully defends a client’s trade mark against a very large US whiskey corporation.

Witten counsels multinational company in the PPE field on trade mark, corporate and commercial matters in the US, EU and UK, including overcoming an EUIPO provisional refusal and providing guidance on how to navigate a provisional TM refusal in China’s CNIPA .

Witten assists corporation and attorney with evidence to allow an employee to work in the UK.

Witten represents internationally famous baseball hat company in licensing agreement with its international sales reps.

Witten provides guidance to international corporate client whose trademarks are being infringed in Thailand.

Witten counsels clients in how to navigate pandemic issues, including force majeure.

Witten provides strategy to small UK business on how to obtain refunds and payment under pandemic conditions.

Witten counsels UK business on employment contracts, service level agreement, and cleaning-up regulatory compliance issues with parent company.

Witten provides Private Placement Memorandum and Shareholder Subscription Agreement for  alcohol & lifestyle company.

Witten asked to sit on the Board of Directors for a Silicon Valley tech company.

Witten advises US Veteran-owned start-up in international chemicals contract.


Witten negotiates joint venture agreement for cloud services company.

Witten asked to manage international trademark matter involving Mexican trademark and “convenio” for tequila.

Witten negotiates joint venture investment for software company.

Witten wins employer – employee pay case.

Witten wins UKIPO Office Action for controversial “weed” trade mark.

Witten counsels on Brexit effects on tariffs in the UK.

Witten coordinates with Beijing counsel in matter against Chinese recycling company.

Witten counsels on matter regarding new BIS/US Dept of Commerce restrictions on doing business with Huawei.

Witten negotiates foreign investment deal into UK software company.

Witten provides guidance on Microsoft IoT software licensing.

Witten counsels on trade mark infringement matter involving UK companies.

Witten counsels on Brexit effects on trademarks in the UK and EU.

Witten selected as counsel for Legal Zoom clients’ trademark files in the EU.

Witten selected to speak on IP/tech issues at C5’s European Forum on Foreign Direct Investment.

Witten completes months-long negotiation of international supply contract with Keysight.

Witten completes months-long negotiation for 9-figure Internet of Things (IoT) contract with major computer manufacturer.

Witten prevails for client in Canadian litigation over tech goods.


Witten represents client in negotiation with Nokia Siemens over tech manufacturing issue to avoid litigation.

Witten prevails for client in employer-employee litigation.

Witten prevails for client against Synnex in tech-based litigation.

Witten represents internationally known baseball hat maker in trademark matters.

Witten negotiates supply agreement with large international computer maker.

Witten selected to speak on IP/tech issues at C5’s European Forum on Government Contracting.

Witten counsels tech manufacturing client on how to revise stocking policy for customers saving client millions of $$ per year.

Witten granted permission to argue case in UK High Court in lieu of barrister.

Witten achieves settlement in hard-fought tech manufacturing litigation.

Witten resolves issue for client re social media cybersquatter.

Witten counsels client on government contracting opportunities for veteran, female and minority owned businesses.


Witten assists client with formation of company focused on the development of the arts.

Witten provides guidance to client on company formation in the EU.

Witten asked to serve as expert on issue of UK law related to recording conversations.

Witten counsels client on compliance with shareholder demand to inspect documents.

Witten defeats software troll threatening litigation against client.

Witten prepares NDA/Non-circumvention agreement for client.

Witten assists client with Power of Attorney in Jersey.

Witten counsels client in how to handle retention bonus issue where targets not met.

Counsel client on UK employee separation agreement.

Witten selected a Governor of prestigious UK secondary school.

Witten counsels client on commissioning of a play.


Witten counsels client on release of funds in escrow after company acquisition.

Witten asked to speak on FAR and DFARS Cybersecurity compliance at the annual C5 Government Contractors conference in Oslo, Norway.

Witten counsels client on EU trademark issues post-Brexit.

Witten counsels client on 1) foreign office, and 2) fictious business name, regulatory compliance in the UK and related requirements in two EU countries.

Witten negotiates the commission of a play, and its related copyright issues.

Witten represents an international client in negotiations worth millions of Euros with one of the US's largest companies.

Witten negotiates a framework agreement worth millions of dollars with one of the US's biggest electronics companies.

UK Ministry of Justice appoints Witten as a Magistrate.

Witten negotiates multi-million dollar defense contract with one of the US's biggest aerospace companies.

Witten represents tech client in a US joint venture with a Chinese company.

Witten represents a client in a FAR-DFARS Teaming Agreement between US and foreign defense contractors.


Witten conducts due diligence, negotiation and closing (completion) on 8-figure international corporate acquisition on behalf of buyer.

Witten asked to speak on Buy America Act, IP issues, and Cybersecurity compliance under the FAR and DFARS at the annual C5 Government Contractors conference in Frankfurt, Germany.

Witten successfully defends client in Anti-SLAPP attorneys' fees matter.

Witten persuades opposition to pay client's money back in bad 7-figure real estate (conveyancing) deal.

Witten restructures corporate-client to position itself for outside investment and employee stock incentives.

Witten closes a 7-figure deal for voting machine devices after more than a year of negotiations.

Witten assists client in closing a deal to provide auto manufacturing equipment to Jaguar Land Rover.

Witten resolves 3-party multi-jurisdictional employee non-compete and non-solicitation dispute in US and Europe.

Witten advises client on expanding an international business to the UK, including starting a local office.

Witten assists client in negotiating IP issues in a multi-million dollar defense contract.

Witten negotiates ground breaking resolution with NY Attorney General's Office related to first of its kind liquid nicotine regulation - Client pays no fine.

Witten closes a 7-figure deal for medical devices after months of negotiations.

For what appears to be the first time in 20 years of a large OS company's litigation history, Witten defeats its copyright and trademark infringement claims avoiding an injunction against client.

Witten has been invited to speak on September 29th & 30th at an international conference in Frankfurt, Germany on protecting IP and implementing cybersecurity in government contracts.

Witten consulted on acquisition of a company in the defense sector by an overseas interest.

Witten consulted on issues related to starting an overseas business for a major retailer supplier.

Witten resolves a three party international defense contract dispute.

Witten closes deal for private client's real estate development.

Witten counsels client on legally avoiding exclusivity provisions in a manufacturing agreement.

Witten negotiates a successful settlement for a client in a lawsuit related to an IT Staffing & Recruiting firm.

Witten counsels a client on a Nonqualified Deferred Compensation Plan using a "Split Dollar Life Insurance Plan" that complies with IRS requirements and drafts the related corporate resolutions, minutes and agreements.

Witten advises a client on the enforceability of executive non-compete employment provisions in the US.

It was just announced that a video compression start-up company that Witten represents in IP strategy, prosecution and commercial transactions has been acquired by Facebook!

Witten acheives a favorable result for the employer in a California employee "Kin Care" lawsuit.


Witten acheives a favorable result for the employee in a UK employment lawsuit.

Witten obtains 2 valuable trademarks for client after months of contentious prosecution and office actions.

Witten was been selected to speak at the C5 Conference on the topic of defense/government contracting with a focus on IP. The conference is set to take place in London, England on July 9-10, 2014.

Witten closes multiple, multi-million dollar high-tech deals for clients.


Witten ranked a top speaker at the C5 Conference on the topic of defense/government contracting with a focus on IP.

Witten has been selected to speak at the C5 Conference on the topic of defense/government contracting with a focus on IP. The conference is set to take place in Frankfurt, Germany on December 4-5, 2013 at the Jumeirah Frankfurt Hotel. For more info, please email info@wittenltd.com.

Witten counsels All Saints C of E Junior School's School Association in Fleet, Hampshire on liability issues.

Witten closes 2 six-figure supply agreements with 2 US Defense contractors for high-tech client.

Witten closes lucrative deal between high-tech company and educational company.

Witten represents client in patent licensing agreement.

Witten updates an educational institution's standard terms and conditions.

Witten successfully recovers significant unpaid debt for high-tech company.

Witten successfully serves a British Virgin Islands (BVI) International Business Corporation (IBC) defendant with a California Summons and Complaint using the Hague Convention on the Service Abroad of Judicial and Extrajudicial Documents in Civil or Commercial Matters.

Witten successfully counsels client on a software development agreement.

Witten counsels high-tech client in matter related to scope of indemnity obligation in patent infringement.

Witten successfully represents IT company in a matter related to bank hacking.

Witten successfully counsels Government contractor employee immigration to the UK.

Witten counsels high-tech company on issues related to US Foreign Military Financing (FMF) under the US Dept. of Defense's Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA).

Witten closes lucrative distributorship deal for high-tech client.

Witten counsels high-tech company on incorporation in the Netherlands.

Witten handles labor issues related to former independent contractor for high-tech company.

Witten counsels international high-tech company on transferring engineering employees from one of its trading partners (also a well known international high-tech company) to work for the client. The employees are located in China.


Witten counsels a country's Department of Defence on the scope of an IP license in negotiations with two national Universities.

Witten successfully resolves an international high-tech employer/employee multi-jurisdictional dispute with mid-six figure compensation to employee and no restriction on future competition.

Witten counsels international client in the education industry on employment and IP issues arising from having employees on loan from government agencies "mis a disposition" that it works with in France.

Witten closes multi-million dollar supply agreement with US Defense contract for high-tech client.

Witten closes design deal for multi-million dollar medical device contract for high-tech client.

Witten advises renewable energy company on expansion into Germany.

Witten closes supply deal for multi-million dollar medical device contract for high-tech client.

Witten represents high-tech manufacturer in patent litigation where manufacturer has been asked to indemnify its customer, and within 2 months achieves result where his client, the manufacturer-indemnitor, pays nothing.

Witten closes deal for multi-million dollar US Defense contract for high-tech client.

Witten invited to and attends tea with former USPTO Patent Commissioner, Bob Stoll, to discuss the impact of the America Invents Act, and related patent issues along with inhouse counsel from Royal Dutch Shell, British Telecom, Merck Pharma. and Caterpillar.

Witten resolves high profile trademark dispute.

Witten obtains trademark for "IP2U".

Witten assists client in negotiation closing deal to update telecom infrastructure across France worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

Witten successfully represents corporate client against its former online marketing agency on issues of copyright infringement and breach of contract.


Witten successfully stops infringer's use of client's trademark.

Witten represents client in acquisition of German hi-tech company.

Witten assists client in negotiation and closing of stock transfer buy out between equal partners in the seven figure range for high tech company.

Witten assists client in international licensing of trademark registered in several countries.

Witten assists client in international deal with major name brand for flat panel monitor technology.

Witten closes large deal for high-tech client with world leading Fortune 10 (yes "10") company.

Witten works with Amazon.com to drive counterfeiters off of Amazon and prosecute them.

Witten files suit for client and resolves mid-six figures high-tech contract dispute after only 3 months of litigation.

Witten forces client's opponent to capitulate after only 1 week of litigation in Nevada. USD$1.9M at stake.

Witten starts IntellectualPropertySolicitor.org and CommercialLitigationSolicitor.org blogs.

Witten advises client on high-tech manufacturing business in China.

Witten advises client in deal to build high-tech fully automated public transportation system in French metropolitan area, including focus on IP development and ownership issues.

Witten interviewed by Washington Business Journal for article on TM dispute.

Witten assists in multi-national US-China-Taiwan 18 party settlement negotiations worth millions.

Witten completes client review for compliance with US overtime exemption laws.

Witten wins Federal Court Order dismissing former employer's complaint with prejudice.

Witten interviewed by Credit Union Journal for article on TM dispute.


Witten files suit against public IT company for breach of contract/warranty resulting in speedy settlement worth 6-figures.

Witten helps US corporation defeat a competing TM infringer and knock-down its website.

Witten helps Asian corporation design new US corporate framework.

Witten wins large settlement for client against Danish company.

Witten helps client close multi-million dollar deal for Power Plant.

Witten frees large shipment of client's goods from Dutch Customs in Trade Mark battle with Apple.

Witten speaks with CAFC Chief Judge Rader in Taipei, Taiwan on Patent Damages.

Witten wins Ca. Corp. Code sec.709 hearing for client.


Witten wins $500,000 settlement for client in negligence action.

Witten wins $2.7M verdict for widow in California Jury Trial on breach of contract.

Witten speaks at Simmons & Simmons, Ltd. on protection of attorney client and work product privileges in International Litigation between the US and EU.

Witten speaks at government IP seminar in Beijing, China on Damages in US Patent Law.

Witten speaks at Los Angeles Intellectual Property Law Association "Washington Comes West" conference on US-Chinese Comparative Patent Law.


Witten speaks at government IP seminar in Shanghai, China on IP Valuation and Discovery in IP Litigation.