What are contracts and agreements?

Contracts and agreements are fundamentally same thing, although the concept of a “contract” is that it would be more binding than a non-binding loose “agreement” (examples of non-binding agreements are: “agreement in principle”, “letter of intent” or “memorandum of understanding”). Contracts and agreements set out the relationships between two or more parties and how that relationship will be regulated. They can be written or verbal. Written contracts can be more easily enforced than verbal agreements because the writing is evidence. Although this can become a complex area of law there need to be three essentials components to create a contract/agreement:

  • An agreement – an offer and acceptance of that offer
  • Intention – the parties must intend for their agreement to be legally binding
  • Consideration- giving something of value, typically a service or product on return for payment

It is important that contracts and agreements are drafted clearly and concisely to ensure each party is fully aware of what they are agreeing to, what their obligations are, and what happens if they do not meet any of these obligations.

The law of contracts and agreements is sometimes referred to as “commercial law”. Seeking expert legal advice for drafting and agreeing contracts can save businesses and their owners significant time and money in dealing with non-performance of a contract and/or disputes.

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International Contracts

Modern international business transactions require a deep knowledge of several different areas of law. For example, the warranty and indemnity sections of a deal require knowledge of patent, trademark and copyright intellectual property law and how that is applied in a litigation setting. Further, governmental compliance and import/export sections require knowledge of often complex governmental restrictions on trade such as the "Buy American" act and its exemptions, ITAR registration, and the BIS Entities List, as well as FAR and DFARS regulations.

How our contract and agreement Experts can help

We are experienced in working with businesses and their owners on the drafting, negotiation and finalisation of contracts and agreements. From understanding your initial requirements, through to liaising with other parties or their legal advisors and agreeing final terms we will ensure you are protected and fully advised throughout

In the event you have a contract dispute, whether it is your raising an issue with another party or an issue has been raised against you, we are able to provide dispute resolution services or commercial litigation.

We can advise on all areas of contract law, including but not limited to:

  • Standard terms and conditions and their drafting
  • International agreements between parties in different countries
  • Both simple and detailed contract drafting
  • Multi Party contract and agreements
  • Negotiation of contracts and agreements with other parties and their advisors
  • Contract dispute advice and guidance

Contracts and agreements can arise in a variety of situations and for a number of reasons. Whatever the need and the parties involved, WLL has the knowledge and experience to advise businesses and their owners.

Why Choose Witten Law, Ltd?

WLL Understand contract law and each of the steps involved in both the drafting of contracts and agreements or handling disputes. We apply our experience to ensure our client is protected and get the right advice saving both time and resources.

We take the time to understand the needs of you and your business and will interpret your requirements to ensure the terms of any contract or agreement are clear and will protect you.

We ensure we draft contracts to avoid misinterpretation and reduce the likelihood of a dispute arising. If issues or disputes happen, we will work for you to resolve the dispute achieving the best possible outcome for you.

We can provide solicitor and attorney contract and agreement legal services in the EU and the UK from our offices in London and Berkshire, and in the US from the Los Angeles area in Southern California, including a network of law firms in California and Washington D.C. WLL also has extensive experience in China and Taiwan and a reliable network of law firms there to assist you in these jurisdictions.

WLL has continuously demonstrated the intellectual ability along with the compassion and personal attention to understand your needs, and how to help our clients succeed and resolve their legal issues.

We understand that legal fees can cause concern and we are committed to providing transparent, accessible legal advice from attorneys and solicitors who care about getting the results you want in the most cost-effective manner.

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