International Business & Commercial Transactions

WLL has years of experience handling international business transactions from Asia, to the EU to the US, and litigating these issues as well. This cross-training between transaction law and litigation provide an invaluable resource in negotiating the best deal for you and identifying the potential issues.

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How Our International Business Transactions experts can help

WLL has licensed commercial solicitors and attorneys in both the UK and in the USA, and extensive experience in Taiwan and China. Whether you need the assurance of seasoned counsel reviewing and negotiating your contract or transaction, or you are concerned with the potential liability of the myriad of issues that are raised in such deals, WLL is here to assist you.

Our experienced commercial solicitors and attorneys can assist with a wide range of international business and commercial transactions including:

  • Company formation
  • Compliance
  • Contracts and Agreements
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Trademarks & IP

EU and Cross Border

WLL has assisted international companies with multiple transactions in Europe and expansion into the EU, including conducting due diligence on the purchase of an EU airport and negotiating the terms of mission critical systems in nuclear power plants in the EU and Africa.

Our experience in dealing with EU and Cross boarder business transactions for businesses and start-ups of all sizes ensures that our clients receive commercially astute and sound legal advice across a wide range of legal matters including contracts and agreements, company formation, mergers and acquisitions and dispute resolution.

California and the US

WLL has assisted US companies not only with their US transactions, but also helped them tackle the transition of manufacturing in China or finding a Chinese vendor. Our expert commercial transaction attorneys have decades of experience in dealing with US Government contracts, dispute resolution and tailoring bespoke solutions with effective and binding terms that protects our clients’ business relationships and technology.

China and Taiwan

WLL has provided the legal guidance for Asian companies' investments in US companies that resulted in everything from minority interests to complete takeovers.

Thus, no matter what end of the spectrum you are on, WLL is a resource for all of your corporate formation and guidance needs.

Why Choose Witten Law, Ltd?

Some of the world's biggest, and smallest (but most promising) companies have called on WLL to assist them in the past.

WLL has extensive experience in Trademark, corporate litigation and commercial transaction legal services, from planning, development, prevention and execution through litigation.

WLL can provide attorney and solicitor legal services in the EU, England and UK from London and Berkshire, and in the US from the Los Angeles area in Southern California, including a network of law firms in California and Washington D.C. WLL also has extensive experience in China and Taiwan and a network of law firms there to assist you in these jurisdictions.

WLL has continuously demonstrated the intellectual ability along with the compassion and personal attention to understand your needs, and how to help our clients succeed and resolve their legal issues.

We understand that legal fees can cause concern and we are committed to providing transparent, accessible legal advice from attorneys and solicitors who care about getting the results you want in the most cost-effective manner.

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