What are Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and Acquisitions, also known and M&A, is the term used for the purchase of or merger of businesses. Although not specifically stated within the description, this also involves the sale of a business and can include selling off parts of a business.

  • An acquisition is when one company takes over (purchases) another business or part of a business.
  • A merger is when two companies join forces to create a larger business
  • A sale is when one company sells itself or a part of its business to another

The process of buying, selling and merging a business can be complex and time consuming. It will involve a number of key steps all of which are essential for a successful merger or acquisition. At WLL we have assisted a range of businesses in the process of mergers and acquisitions, across different sectors and across borders from commencement through to final completion.

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How Our Mergers and Acquisitions Solicitors can help.

WLL is experienced in the process of mergers and acquisition. We will help you from the initial stages and guide you through each step to ensure the merger or acquisition is completed successfully and that you are protected at all times.

Our focus is to ensure that our clients are fully aware of details of the transaction and can make informed decisions based on core information and advised obtained and provided by us.

The process of a merger and acquisition can become complex and involved. Having WLL working with you will ensure you have expert guidance every step of the way.

International M&A

Dealing with more than one country’s laws can make International M&A complex. WLL has years of experience handling international M&A from Asia, to the EU and the US. With licensed attorneys in both the UK and US, and extensive experience in Taiwan and China, WLL has assisted US, EU and Asian companies with expansion via M&A into new territories, including the purchase and sale of tech firms, and an EU airport. Moreover, WLL has provided the legal guidance for Asian companies' overseas investments in companies from minority interests to complete takeovers.

We can advise on all areas of mergers and acquisitions, including but not limited to:

  • Merger and Acquisition Strategy and Planning
  • International M&A
  • Identification of targets and initial meetings
  • Drafting Proposals and notice of Intent
  • Discovery
  • Due diligence
  • Corporate Governance
  • Regulation and Compliance
  • Negotiations and agreement
  • Drafting of contracts and final contracts
  • Supplier discussion and negotiations
  • Completion

Why Choose Witten Law, Ltd?

WLL are experts in this field. We have extensive experience and we work to ensure our clients achieve the best possible deal for them whether they are selling, merging or buying a business.

We can provide solicitor and attorney civil legal services in the EU and the UK from our offices in London and Berkshire, and in the US from the Los Angeles area in Southern California, including a network of law firms in California and Washington D.C. WLL also has extensive experience in China and Taiwan and a reliable network of law firms there to assist you in these jurisdictions.

WLL has continuously demonstrated the intellectual ability along with the compassion and personal attention to understand your needs, and how to help our clients succeed and resolve their legal issues.

We understand that legal fees can cause concern and we are committed to providing transparent, accessible legal advice from attorneys and solicitors who care about getting the results you want in the most cost-effective manner.

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Our Experience


  • Purchase of IOT company in the UK
  • Sale of data center in Los Angeles, California
  • Purchase of airport in EU
  • Purchase of winery in Napa, California
  • Buyout of joint shareholder in Orange County, California IT company
  • Investment in UK software company