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In-house counsel have a myriad of responsibilities. In-house counsel have to deal with issues of employment, intellectual property, contract law, international transactions, multi-government regulation, vendor/customer relations and litigation. It can take a lifetime to learn all of these disciplines.

Witten Law, Ltd. has a Special Program for In-house Counsel

That's why WLL is pleased to offer a special program just for in-house counsel to rely upon. For years, in-house counsel have called on WLL's US and UK attorneys for outside counsel. WLL is your resource for all of your in-house counsel needs.

To speak to one of our inhouse counsel team and find out more about how Witten Law, Ltd. can help you, call us today on UK +44(0)203-287-9500; US +1(949)485-5055. Alternatively, don’t hesitate to use the Free Inquiry Form to the right or click here, or email us at to make an online enquiry.

You'll Be in Good Company

That is why some of the world's biggest companies have called on WLL's attorneys to assist them in the past. Companies such as:

  • ADlink Technology, Inc.
  • Asia Optical Co., Ltd.
  • Bushnell Corporation
  • Del Solar Co., Ltd., a division of Delta Electronics Co., Ltd.
  • First International Computer, Inc.
  • Fujian Juan Kuang Yaming Electric, Ltd.
  • Gemtek Technology Co., Ltd.
  • General Imaging Corporation
  • HTC Corporation
  • Linksys Corporation
  • Playmore Corporation
  • Q-Run Corporation
  • Senao Networks, Inc.
  • Sprint Nextel Corporation
  • Syntax Brillian Corporation
  • Unix Surplus, Inc.
  • UTStarcom, Inc.
  • Vivitar Corporation

WLL provides legal services in the EU, England and UK from London and Berkshire, and in the US from the Los Angeles area in Southern California, including a network of law firms in California and Washington D.C. WLL. also has extensive experience in China and Taiwan and a network of law firms there to assist you in these jurisdictions.

Whether it is reviewing a contract, protecting your intellectual property, dealing with an infringer, handling an employment issue, or preparing for litigation, WLL can provide you with that depth of legal insight and common sense planning you are looking for.

Why Choose Witten Law, Ltd?

WLL has extensive experience in China and Taiwan and a network of law firms there to assist you in these jurisdictions.

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