Whether you are a claimant or a defendant, litigation can be a very stressful time. That is why for years, clients have trusted the experienced solicitors and attorneys at WLL with their corporate or commercial legal disputes. We provide specialist legal advice to those in need, and a tactical approach to reach a desired resolution for those who have been wronged.

WLL shields its clients from the stresses of litigation so that they can get on with their day to day lives. We provide a level of client attention, and attention to detail that is critical in litigation, and reassuring to our clients.

To speak to one of our expert litigation team and find out more about how Witten Law, Ltd. can help you, call us today on UK +44(0)203-287-9500; US +1(949)485-5055. Alternatively, don't hesitate to use the Free Inquiry Form to the right or click here, or email us at info@wittenltd.com to make an online enquiry.

How Our Litigation experts can help

Through our years of experience and successes, our global team of expert attorneys and solicitors are able to provide strategic results for our clients. Regardless of the complexity of the case or the size of the other party you are in dispute with, our legal team will provide an effective solution tailored to suit your requirements.

Simply put, WLL tailors the litigation to your needs, gets the job done efficiently and cost effectively. That is why businesses, big and small, insurance companies and individuals all over the world, call on WLL to resolve their litigation issues.

Our results orientated solicitors and attorneys can assist with a wide range of litigation services including:

  • Contract Disputes
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Investment Disputes
  • IP and Trademark Disputes
  • Employment Issues

Our service is comprehensive and WLL is a resource for all of your litigation needs.

Why Choose Witten Law, Ltd?

Some of the world's biggest, and smallest (but most promising) companies have called on WLL to assist them in the past.

WLL has extensive experience in Trademark, corporate litigation and commercial transaction legal services, from planning, development, prevention and execution through litigation.

WLL can provide attorney and solicitor legal services in the EU, England and UK from London and Berkshire, and in the US from the Los Angeles area in Southern California, including a network of law firms in California and Washington D.C. WLL also has extensive experience in China and Taiwan and a network of law firms there to assist you in these jurisdictions.

WLL have the intellectual ability, compassion and attention to detail needed when resolving legal issues.

We understand that legal fees can cause concern and we are committed to providing transparent, accessible legal advice from attorneys and solicitors who will give you your desired results in the most cost-effective manner.

Talk to Us

For more information about how our trade mark team can help you protect your business, get in contact today. You can call us on UK +44(0)203-287-9500; US +1(949)485-5055 or allow us to get in touch with you by making an online enquiry at info@wittenltd.com.